Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Fighting-Warriors Tattoos Design

Here a new shot of the new fighting-warriors tattoos design that is being job on and this is cool shows where it is in relative to my other tats. Just got the outline complete will go back for the block in a little later on this month and if this shot seem a bit off in that is since my back is a bit out of strike.

Your tattoo exploit found here! Take a fantasy-filled voyage as you seek out for your dream tattoo and find out the world top selling and most inspirational designs and sort in nature through thousands of ideas with the velocity and ease of the industry most influential search engine.

Guys most interesting tattoo of today is the fighting-warriors tattoos these tattoos are designed especially for all computer users look at this wonderful tattoo inked on leg these tats recall you about fighting-warriors so these tattoo designs for all types of people who know about fighting-warriors and who do not know about fighting-warriors and also for guys who fail to remember binary number.

Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

Weekend Story: New Binary Encoded Tattoo Design

Guys most interesting tattoo of today is the Binary Encoded tattoos these tattoos are designed especially for all computer users look at this wonderful tattoo inked on leg these tats recall you about binary digits so these tattoo designs for all types of people who know about binary number, who do not know about binary numbers and also for guys who fail to remember binary number.

These binary encoded are very popular for youngsters because all modern computers work on these binary systems. Look at the tattoo design how neatly two digits 0 and 1 inked on leg.

The design looking cool on leg you can also adopt it one your back or anywhere you wish add it as your style icon. Not to forget binary encoding says ‘never quit’ so hurry to catch this classic tattoo trend unveiled recently in to the world of tattoos and make your style by these two digits. Via

Rabu, 24 Juni 2009

Cool Compass Tattoo for Hot Girls

Tattoo designs give many extraordinary and special look according to the designs and also the manner in which you ink these tats. This is fact tattoo worn by different people have different appeal here is newest tattoo design for your ultimate look that is the Compass tattoos.

As you have familiar with compass tattoos these tattoos are not very new tattoo trends but these trends have already unveiled by tattoo world this time latest compass tattoo is coming with unique style this cool compass tattoo inked on belly.

Literally the complete look of the tattoo is too hot look at the pic a girl with neat piece work of art on this sexy gal’s belly is simply eye-catching so all hot babes check this out because this tattoo design is designed especially for young hot girls. First I have seen such a beautiful tattoo in perfect size that’s true for your style. Via

Tattoo Hunter: All About Latest Tattoo Designs

If you desire to know about the latest tattoo designs just tune in to the Discovery Channel and check out Tattoo Hunter so easiest way to find out the most attractive and latest tattoo trends is the Tattoo Hunter only on Discovery Channel and experience the tattoo world.

Lars Krutak is a tattoo anthropologist; in The Tattoo Hunter he has done a wonderful job he has visited many remote parts of the world for finding the world class collection for tattoo designs, Lars has actually been a technical adviser for Vanishing Tattoo, the renowned online tattoo museum that centers around the search for the “last authentic tattoos the finder of these tattoo designs has finded out the most favorable tattoo collection for your life style so checkout the whole tattoo trends for your fashionable life style hurry girls and boys to receive a tattoo that is typically reserved for its own.Via

Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

Latest Eye-Catching Tattoo Design

Tattoo design catching more and more popularity day by day tats are popular even these trend of tattoo designing not very new trend but the art of tattoo designing running from ancient times so from ancient times to today billions of tattoo design unveiled by tattoo design world so tattoo design world is now full of amazing designs some are weird, some are cute and others are just useless.

And the newest tattoo design finding of today is little bit different from others the tattoo design above falls somewhere in between these tats. I mean some tattoo design trends are so trendy then other once because these tattoo design comes with a new fashion appeal. I literally feel that it has more to do with her personal life, more than a fashion statement. Look at picture showing the sweetest tattoo design of today that is the new tattoo design inked on back looking like two inverted commas wow it looks striking so ink it on back as fashion statement. Via

Senin, 15 Juni 2009

Neck Tattoos Design

Neck tattoo are very popular tattoo designs because these tattoos are full of glimpse of happiness. neck have there own beauty so every neck symbolizes different massages for life the most tempting neck of this planet that is rose and roses are also the sign of true love from a long time that’s why rose is most popular tattoo trend for today.

This tattoo design is attaining more and more attention because this tattoo design is unique and attention grabbing piece of work. The color of rose tat is also giving it a new look it is blue rose tattoo that is different from traditional red.

I really loved this tattoo, because of its beauty top red with the appeal it enfolds. Look at the beautiful blue rose tattoo shown here this tattoo design is conquer the impossible and they have always been enclosed in ambiguity. Check this out I am sure you love this tattoo design.

Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Weekend Story: Floral Lower Back Tattoo Design

Receiving a tattoo has at all the time been an admired for of self-look with every age group. At present you might be wonder which categories of tattoos are the most fashionable. Floral tattoos are on the record of the most asked for tattoo drawing. Floral lower back tattoo design has been just about for many tattoos design and many years as well as is continuously developing into more magnificent and brilliant.

Floral tattoo arts are normally classify into two special groups, the first be the extremely customary floral lower back tattoo design fashion and the second be the intensely colorful floral lower back tattoo design fashion of floral tattoo.

Old school fashion tattoos are one more fashion of tattoo that is in very big demand. These tattoos by a reflective think have been at the high of the record for lots of young females with older school consume tattoos be the tattoo of selection recently. Sailor Jerry fashioned tattoos have develops more and more admired with men over the previous some years.

Females appear to always be fractional to receiving tattooed on their inferior backs. Floral tattoos the list of well-liked inferior back tattoos by designs like flowers.

Senin, 08 Juni 2009

Shooting Star Tattoo Gripping Gal’s Body

Star tattoos are one of the most fashionable tattoo designs so these tattoos are present in huge styles the most stylish arrived today is the Shooting Star Tattoo. This tattoo design is the latest design added in the huge range of star tats.

This tattoo design is coming with symbol of success and good luck in your life so get inked with new shooting star tattoo and keep your success and good luck always with you. Amazing the shooting star tattoo not only lift your fashionable look but also adds a wish of good luck too.

Shooting star tats are outstanding choice for the ones wishing to get one to beautify the body this trend is full of wow factor look at this stunning and dazzling shooting star is looking more gripping on this gal’s body so if you wants to beautify your body with ultimate tattoo so check this out. Via

Realistic 3D Insect tattoo Design

Now horrible and cute insects are newest tattoo Design of the day it looks so real just like a 3D picture so you can also name these insect tattoo Designs Realistic 3D insect tattoo Designs.

These tattoo Design designs are so real look at the insect tattoo Design inked on her leg the insect inked here as tattoo Design art is the Bees. Bees are one of the trendiest insect in tattoo Design art.

This tattoo Design art is whether a single tattoo Design or group and realistic 3D Bees tattoo Design are simply superb not only in design but they also with many mythological aspects too like these tattoo Design are believed to be the symbol of an ordered life and diligence and cleanliness because of the way they keep their hives and how hard they work. These tats look too beautiful because of the blend of colors used to design bees and getting one etched brings the stringing ability to mind. Via

Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

Weekend Friday: Human Evolution Tattoo Design

Evolution of human being is always a matter of interest for us there are many theory proposed my different scientists to show the theory of evolution but very recent most popular way to view the evolution of human being from apes is the latest tattoo design that is human evolution tattoo.

This tattoo trend a very unique design presented by tattoo world a bit different from the rest all tattoo designs. Human Evolution is showcasing all stages of human evolution stepwise look at the tattoo design inked on the back side it is a circular design the tattoo shows a figure that seems to be somewhat inspired from the VITRUVIAN Man art.

The whole circle of Human Evolution tattoo is indicating the each and every stages of human development so this tattoo design is the best answer of your curiousness related to evolution go and get the complete cycle of Human evolution by tattoo art. Via

Cool Geeky Arrow Tattoo Design

Tattoo trend is a form of self expression nowadays is too much popular for youth both girls and boys are equally interested to ink body with ultimate tattoo designs. Today’s newest tattoo design is the geeky tattoo these tattoos are top fashion tats guys love the true spark involved in these tattoo designs it is a cool and stylish geeky arrow tattoo.

Look at the tattoo design two arrows inked on the body showing two different directions and the elegance and ambiguity is what makes these tattoos special and popular among the geeks as shown in the pic of one of the geeky tattoo design. Geeky arrow tattoo has two different tattoo designs in different directions so if you ink this arrow tattoo then it will too cool but people were get confuse about the directions but still I love this tattoo trend very much the whole concept of geeky tattoo design is fabulous.

Erotic Dragon Tattoo Appealing Feminine Tattoo Design

Hey girls today’s most tempting fashion trend is just for you because the tattoo design is truly designed to adorn your glamorous look so this newest tattoo design is the Erotic dragon tattoo which never sleeps so wake up girls and try this ultimate tattoo trend with huge romantic appeal.

This tattoo is skinned in the black ink with exhaustive artistic design and dragon tattoo is in real meaning a perfect symbol of feminine wild sex appeal. This tattoo trend inked on the thigh looks so special and unique.

Look at the PIC shown here of newest dragon tattoo a girl adorning it on her thigh the whole look is truly sensational.

This tattoo design is full of wow factor so if you are finding for a newest tattoo trend to adopt nothing more special then fully feminine and stylish Dragon tattoo hurry up girls experience an ultimate tattoo design coming from tattoo world. Via

Senin, 01 Juni 2009

Funky Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly tattoos have already made a huge space in our hearts with their ultimate designing patterns and striking colors because in tattoo art every time when butterfly tattoo comes it always with some different and stylish designs that’s why you can find high varieties in butterfly tattoos.

Look at the newest Butterfly tattoo design of the day this attention-grabbing tattoo design is very popular nowadays these tattoos are so popular for their uniqueness and the combination of striking colors that gives undoubtedly gorgeous look to the tattoo.

Today’s butterfly tattoo designs are arrived with a different meaning for everyone and holds different import for different people for some the stretched out wings of a butterfly indicates a new start of life and for some it is a symbol of rebirth, magic , grace, peace. These newest butterfly tattoos are truly lifting your beauty when you inked it looks stunning so hurry to grab this tat. Via